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Hitten – ‘Triumph & Tragedy’

High Roller Records
Dokken, Whitesnake, Diamond Head, Enforcer, Striker, Tesla, Mr. Big
Release Date
November 26, 2021
High Roller Records
Heavy Metal

Some bands are just capable of oozing finesse and manage to deliver top quality releases album after album without ever faltering or making a false start. One such band are Hitten, the south-eastern Spanish heavy metal band have been bringing their good-time party tunes to the masses for the best part of ten years and now, Hitten have released their latest album ‘Triumph & Tragedy’.

                The world may have completely changed since Hitten last dipped their toe in the water with 2018’s ‘Twist of Fate’, but with ‘Triumph & Tragedy’, Hitten are showing that they’re continuing to let the good times roll. This is done with those big anthemic songs, virtuoso guitar playing and fist in the air gang vocals which allow Hitten to the turn the clock right back to 1987. This means that ‘Triumph & Tragedy’ has all the appeal of Dokken, Tesla and late 80’s Whitesnake as well as Mr. Big’s first album with its big stadium sound that demands that the listener sing-a-long and even crack out the air guitars, particularly during ‘Built to Rock’ with its ‘Comin’ Atcha Live’ style guitar flurries.

                Hitten have delivered an album which harks from a different era, but once again, this is delivered with panache and just the right amount of cheese to make it appeal to a demographic of metal fans which wouldn’t generally listen to this genre. If you’re expecting it to get raw and dark, then you’re looking in the wrong place, but if you’re looking for a good time with some mood-lifting pick me up’s, then ‘Triumph & Tragedy is a good place to begin.

"nothin' but a good time!"

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