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Fortress – ‘Don’t Spare the Wicked’

High Roller Records
Iron Maiden, Enforcer, Angel Witch, Ironflame, Saber
Release Date
November 26, 2021
High Roller Records
Heavy Metal

                “hey man, do you like Fortress?” Yeah, I like Fortress, no… wait, not that one, not that one either… or that one… definitely not that one, aah! How many bands are called fucking Fortress? Well, right now, the only one which matter are the heavy metal Fortress from California who have just released their debut album ‘Don’t Spare the Wicked’.

                Fortress released their superb EP back in 2018 and we knew then that this was a band which could play excellent trad metal. It was suddenly game on for what would become ‘Don’t Spare…’, but thankfully, the goods have been delivered. Through an 80’s vision, Fortress have demonstrated that they have birthed a heavy metal monster with ‘Don’t Spare…’. Tracks such as ‘Anguish’, ‘Lost Forever’ and the breakneck title track show a band having all the appeal of Iron Maiden and Angel Witch with their galloping riffs and soaring vocals courtesy of Chris Scott Nunez who clearly has access to a time machine, gone back to 1978 and stolen the voices of Bruce Dickinson and John Arch before mixing them up, drinking and claiming as his own. However, the most impressive thing that the band have delivered here is the guitar work, Fili Bibiano may only be one bloke, but there is some impressive twin guitar work here that would make a young Dave Murray and Adrian Smith blush with flattery.

                ‘Don’t Spare…’ is an album which sounds exactly as you’d expect it to and there is nothing wrong with that. Fortress have released an absolutely superb album of classic sounding metal that will have every trad metal fan scrambling to get their hands on a copy and rightly so.

"an absolutely superb album of classic sounding metal"

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