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Stew – ‘Taste’

Uprising Records
Cream, Blue Cheer, Free, Bad Company, Graveyard, Taste, Black Sabbath
Release Date
November 12, 2021
Uprising Records
Hard Rock/Blues Rock/Psychedelic Rock

                The classic rock revival isn’t all about a generation of kids donning flowery cheesecloth, ill-advised tight-fitting jeans with a bell bottom, long hair and dodgy facial hair whist professing their love for Led Zeppelin. Some of these bands have found an identity playing a different sort of rock n’ roll with one such band being Stew who have once again cooked up some ‘eavy blues on the latest album ‘Taste’.

                What ‘Taste’ delivers isn’t the sort of heavy blues that dominates the doom/stoner landscape; instead, this is music from almost a different era entirely, to Stew, it is 1971 all year, every year as the band deliver patchouli soaked riffs that have been locked in a vault since Cream, Blue Cheer and the Jimi Hendrix Experience ruled the airwaves, particularly through tracks such as ‘You Don’t Need Me’ and ‘Still Got the Time’. Furthermore, guitarist Nicklas Jansson’s beautiful control of vibrato is as thrilling as the first time that the listener heard Paul Kossoff deliver a trademark solo. Yet, for all its past dabblings, there’s a bit of a modern twist here which really catapults this album forward there are elements of Graveyard and The Answer here which really show that this vintage sounding band have their finger well and truly on the pulse.

                For a band that doesn’t do anything that the listener hasn’t heard before, this three-piece make one hell of a noise and ‘Taste’ is a great album of classic sounding heavy blues that is very, very enjoyable.

"a great album of classic sounding 'eavy blues"

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