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Deep Purple – ‘Turning to Crime’

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Release Date
November 26, 2021
Hard Rock/Rock

Deep Purple’s accolades are longer than the Empire State Building, from the late 60’s until today the band have continued to write and release albums with Purple’s most recent work being regarded as somewhat of a ‘purple patch’. This year has Deep Purple returning with ‘Turning to Crime’, the band’s latest and first album of covers.

                ‘Turning to Crime’ is an album of songs from the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s as Purple dip into psychedelia, rhythm and blues and rock n’ roll standards, but, do Purple really need to do this? Does the world need this? The answer is probably not. As expected, these covers are delivered well, professionally and through a top-notch production; why wouldn’t it be? This is a big, established band having some fun. But that’s exactly what ‘Turning to Crime’ is, a light-hearted bit of fun, we all know that Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Steve Morse and Don Airey are excellent musicians and that they’ll deliver every single time. The actual thing that let’s this album down is Ian Gillan’s voice, the rock n’ roll standard are delivered with gusto and ease, like Gillan has been singing them for years, hardly surprising really, it’s probably what the singer cut his teeth with. However, it is the 60’s psychedelia which is where the voice slightly falters with the veteran vocalist feels as if he is reading from a lyric sheet rather than belting out a known song leaving the thing feeling a little uninspired.

                ‘Turning to Crime’ isn’t exactly Deep Purple stealing a living, it’s a bit of fun, but it is mostly pointless, completists and collectors are bound to get their hands on it, but as for scope beyond that? Meh

"not exactly stealing a living, nor is it a legitimate business"

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