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Memoria Avenue – ‘Memoria Avenue’

Frontiers Records
FM, Journey, Survivor, Foreigner, Styx, Perfect Plan, Work of Art
Release Date
November 5, 2021
Frontiers Records
AOR/Melodic Hard Rock

Melodies, harmonies and big chorus’ come to AOR bands like blast beat drumming comes to a black metal band, it is in their very blood and without it, their genres would sound very odd indeed. The latest band to try their hand at AOR are Memoria Avenue who have stepped from the Norwegian tundra to deliver their eponymously titled debut album.

                What Memoria Avenue deliver here is an album which sounds like this band have been doing this for years upon years. ‘Memoria Avenue’ is so natural, delivered by a band who have spent their time devouring every Journey, Styx, FM and Foreigner album that they can get their hands on. This album has it all, it has the big, anthemic chorus’, it has the soaring guitar solos and it is drenched in more keyboards than a Keith Emerson convention. Furthermore, this is all wrapped up and delivered through an 80’s lens which literally says stamped upon it ‘made in 1986’. Tracks such as ‘Stuck’, ‘The Air That I Breathe’ and ‘Run With Me’ have Journey coursing through their veins, but it is not all about looking backwards, there’s a wonderful modern appeal here which shows that Memoria Avenue have their finger on the pulse by being able to drag in fans of Perfect Plan, Work of Art and Big City.

                ‘Memoria Avenue’ won’t have any appeal outside of the AOR or melodic rock genre, but held within its sphere, this is an excellent album which fans of the genre can get thoroughly onboard with and they’ll be singing the songs for the next decade and beyond.

"fans of AOR will get thoroughly onboard with this first offering from Memoria Avenue"

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