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L.A. Guns – ‘Checkered Past’

Frontiers Records
Faster Pussycat, Great White, Kix, Cinderella
Release Date
November 12, 2021
Frontiers Records
Hard Rock

                The recent history of L.A. Guns has been marred with split camps, this version of the band, that version of the band, no wait, neither, THAT version of the band coupled with the ‘he said/she said tell tales of the internet’ dominating the headlines. But, this hasn’t stopped the real version of L.A. Guns from releasing some decent albums of hard rock and this year has the Los Angeles veterans returning with their latest album, the aptly named ‘Checkered Past’.

                Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns have always formed a formidable duo and with the recent work of L.A. Guns, this partnership seems to have hit a zenith. With ‘Checkered Past’, age seems to suit Lewis and Guns perfectly as they deliver some excellent hard rock with the bad boy swagger of a band which has been there and done that. Tracks such as ‘Bad Luck Charm’ ‘Living Right Now’ and ‘Better Than You’ have the real, honest integrity of a band that have seen many of their peers ride off into the sunset in fast cars and into Hollywood Hills mansions whilst L.A. Guns remained the guttersnipes of Sunset Strip, but yet, the band seem ok with that because they deliver their music with enjoyment coupled and with a real sense of fun.

                Just like ‘The Devil You Know’, this latest offering from L.A. Guns knows what it is doing, it doesn’t try to push beyond into something it is not, why should it? It’s a band living in the moment and enjoying every moment of doing it. It isn’t born again, it isn’t ‘rude, crude and tattooed’ and it isn’t banging on about being a heroin addict in the past. It’s good old fashioned rock n’ roll and you can’t ask for more than that.

"a band living in the moment, enjoying every moment of it and making some good old fashioned rock n' roll"

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