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Groundbreaker – ‘Soul to Soul’

Frontiers Records
FM, Journey, W.E.T., Work of Art
Release Date
November 12, 2021
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock

If you remember the show ‘Rock Family Trees’ from back in the day, you’d realise just how incestuous rock music actually is as bands swap and change members more than a free-for-all orgy. If you thought that was bad, then today it is significantly more so as musicians find themselves working in multiple bands and projects to generally earn ends meet. One such musician who has spread himself out is Steve Overland as the vocalist of FM once again steps outside of his home band to work on his Groundbreaker project with the band releasing their sophomore album ‘Soul to Soul’.

                The thing is, you see the word FM and every melodic rock/melodic hard rock fan knows suddenly exactly what this album is going to sound like. This is high quality melodic rock delivered through a pristine production that is so appealing, the listener can’t help but just keep on listening. This also means that every note, every melody and instrument can be heard clearly rising and falling in a cacophony of harmonised vocals, stabbing keyboards and soaring guitar solos that have all the appeal of FM, W.E.T. and Work of Art. This is all trimmed, cut and produced by Frontiers Records go-to-man Alessandro Del Vecchio who once again proves that when it comes to producing these genres of music, he has something of a Midas Touch.

                With ‘Soul to Soul’, Groundbreaker don’t actually do anything, well, groundbreaking, but it is a top-drawer melodic rock album which is delivered with an integrity and experience that is earned and fans of this genre will adore it. 

"it's not groundbreaking, but it is very good melodic rock"

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