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Alan Parsons – ‘The NeverEnding Show: Live in the Netherlands’

Frontiers Records
Eagles, 10cc, Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Alan Parsons Project
Release Date
November 5, 2021
Frontiers Records
Progressive Rock/Soft Rock

                Following the COVID-19 global pandemic, the live audience was declared extinct, but recently it has been slowly reintroduced into the wild and thus, these days it can be a shock to hear an actual full to capacity live audience. This year has the legendary Alan Parsons returning with his latest live album ‘The NeverEnding Show: Live in the Netherlands’ recorded in the ‘before times’ back in 2019.

                With a man with as much experience under his belt as Alan Parsons, the listener knows that this is going to be a sleek and professional job. This isn’t your live album recorded by a band in their 20’s looking to bounce around until they’re puddle, nor is it actually aimed at that market, what Parsons has delivered is an exceptionally adult and mature live album which gives an excellent chronological overview of a 50-year career. From more modern progressive rock outlets such as ‘One Note Symphony’ to the more a-typical Alan Parsons Project of 10cc meets Eagles soft rock of the late 70’s, each song is delivered with the meticulous attention to detail expertise that has come to be expected of Alan Parsons.

                Yet, this album will not be for everyone. It is exceptionally ‘easy listening’ and has a real appeal to a certain demographic of a particular age. But, much like a fine wine or whisky, Alan Parsons has aged remarkably well; there is no need to purchase a ‘best of Alan Parsons’, everything you’d ever need is delivered note perfectly here on ‘The NeverEnding Show…’.

"like a fine wine or whisky, Alan Parsons has aged remarkably well"

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