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Jim Peterik & World Stage – ‘Tigress: Women Who Rock The World’

Frontiers Records
Survivor, The Ides of March, Jefferson Starship, Vixen, Black Rose Maze
Release Date
November 5, 2021
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock

There are some artists whose reputation massively precedes them. One such musician is Jim Peterik, the man has hundreds of song-writing credits under his name from the likes of Survivor and .38 Special to Sammy Hagar and REO Speedwagon and this year Peterik has once again opened his World Stage with his latest project ‘Tigress: Women Who Rock The World’.

                As the title suggests, with this album Peterik turns the spotlight onto female musicians to showcase the huge talent within. This talent ranges from names already familiar on the pop/rock and melodic rock scene such as Janet Gardner and Cathy Richardson, to those names that will be big names in the future with ‘Tigress…’ showcasing budding talents from the likes of Chloe Lowery and Marine Lacoste. Tracks such as ‘Prom Night in Pontiac’, ‘Full Moon Crazy’ and ‘Lazarus Heart’ sweep through a pop/rock and melodic rock landscape through a beautifully produced album which allows every moment and voice to shine without ever clamouring over each other or being drowned out by an overbearing instrument.

                At over an hour, there is a lot to take in and digest here. ‘Tigress…’ is not a one listen and discard album, it needs to time to simmer allowing the listener to take in every bit of expertise which oozes from the album. Ultimately, it won’t appeal to those who are not versed in the ways of melodic rock and even those in the rock community will turn their nose up at the more poppier songs here, but for those who like this genre, there is endless talent to explore.

"a deep well of talent to explore which includes long established names as well as up and coming artists"

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