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Rhine’s Top 5

Rhine is a concoction of extreme metal that could be described very differently depending on who you ask. Often labeled as progressive death metal, you can hear the European influence with elements of black metal, melo-death and folk metal, while attempting to retain the spirit of rock in their song structures.

They’ve had a variety of musicians in their lineup and session players on their albums since their formation in 2011. It began as a solo project with the 2011 album Duality recorded single handedly by singer/guitarist Gabriel Tachell. The second album, An Outsider, began recording in 2014, featuring session drummer Sean Lang and Tachell playing everything else. Later that same year a lineup was formed with Alex Smolin (guitar), Carlos Delgado (drums) and James Porter (bass). The band started playing live, and An Outsider was released in early 2016, followed by their first tour.

In 2017 they recorded a split EP with Rat King, which included all the members of the lineup and more collaboration in the song writing. In 2018 Smolin left, and the band remained split up for nearly two years. During that time Tachell began work on the new album Ausland with session drummer Daryl Williams. Again Tachell played most of the instruments, with additional guitar contributions from Andrew Dennis (current member) and some compositional contributions from Smolin. Dennis joined the band as guitarist in 2019 along with original members Delgado and Porter. Ausland was completed during the pandemic.

This is Rhine’s TOP 5

TOP 5 pieces of equipment that every musician must own.

  1. Quality cables! Man I suffered from a lot of noise problems with my rig when I first started playing gigs, and when I finally bought some high quality (mogami, planet waves gold, monster etc.) instrument cables it really cleaned things up, especially if you have a lot of connections with pedals etc.
  2. A very cool and inexpensive little device I use is the behringer MicroMon. If you’re a singer and you want a cheap and reliable way to have in-ear monitors, this little box intercepts your mic output on stage to give you your own vocal monitor, plus you can run other inputs into it simultaneously, like a monitor feed from the sound guy, or your own guitar feed. I have a headphone cord coiled around my instrument cable so it’s an easy plug in right alongside my guitar.
  3. The Cymatic LP-16 or one of their other live players. If you want to use backing tracks, midi triggered lighting rigs, midi patch changes etc. this small device does it all. I cringe every time I see a MacBook on stage with a rack full of interfaces/mixers.
  4. I can’t think of anything else, because the essentials are obvious (guitar+amp), and really that’s all you need, and it doesn’t have to be the fanciest gear to rock the fuck out

TOP 5 pieces of advice NOT to follow, to make it in the music industry.

Don’t ask me, I haven’t made it 😂😭 I will say though, it seems to me that artists who develop and maintain a solid social media following are more successful, as long as they have the talent to back it up. I hate it, but it’s real, and it takes a lot of time and effort that many of us artists despise and ultimately fail at.

TOP 5 clicks on your playlist. What are you currently listening to, on repeat?

Be’lakor (new album), Leprous (new album), Röyksopp, Steven Wilson (new album), Witherscape

TOP 5 adventures you’ve been on with the band.

First tour playing a show with a Flourishing Scourge in San Jose. One of the guys stole a giant Jack Daniels prop bottle from behind the bar without telling any of us. The security guy was furious and suspected us, tried to search all of our shit. Then after we left their drummer revealed that he was hiding it in his drum case. I think technically we were the assholes, but the staff there were pretty shitty from the get-go, they had it coming haha.

On the same tour, playing in Eugene, OR to an empty bar on a Tuesday, some tweakers came in and a fight broke out with some of the other band members in the audience while we’re playing a pretty clean section in one of our songs. It was a strange soundtrack, to say the least haha

TOP 5 ways in which your band is awesome.

We bring all the elements of what I think makes good music – catchy rhythmic and melodic hooks, smooth songwriting, emotional intensity, and just enough shred for all those guitar nerds 🤘


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Band Line-Up:

James Porter (Bass)
Gabriel Tachell (Guitars, Vocals)
Carlos Delgado (Drums)
Andrew Dennis (Guitar) 

Rhine on Spotify

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