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Rebellix – ‘Serpent’s Kiss’ EP

Inverse Records
Testament, Exodus, Megadeth, Death Angel
Release Date
October 15, 2021
Inverse Records
Thrash Metal

Band’s are like hydras, you cut the head off one and two more spawn in their place, repeat as needed. Formed from the ashes of several local bands, Rebellix tested the water back in 2018 with their debut EP ‘Final Decay’ and now, three years on, the Finnish thrashers are back with their latest EP ‘Serpent’s Kiss’.

                As an EP, ‘Serpent’s Kiss’ does exactly what is intended and that is the showcase what Rebellix are all about. This is 20 minutes of thrash metal which keeps its foot rooted in a bedrock of heavy metal as tracks such as ‘Hail to the Sky’ and the title track show a band worshipping at the altar of Testament and Exodus whilst touching on elements of Death Angel and Megadeth, the latter particularly during ‘Play the Game’ as vocalist Samuel Honkavaara gives his best Dave Mustaine gritted teeth delivery. However, the only song that massively lets this EP down is ‘Fuck You’, a track which is puerile and childlike with its lyrics feeling as though they were written by 13 year old who had been sent to their bedroom.

                Luckily, the other three tracks overly mask the ‘Fuck You’ problem and give a real sense of what Rebellix can achieve. There’s still a lot of work to be done here, but ‘Serpent’s Kiss’ show a band with some real potential that is just starting to be tapped into.

"Rebellix begin to tap into their potential with 'Serpent's Kiss'"

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