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Obscura – ‘A Valediction’

Nuclear Blast Records
Beyond Creation, Spawn of Possession, Alkaloid, Hannes Grossmann, Fractal Universe
Release Date
November 19, 2021
Nuclear Blast Records
Progressive/Technical Death Metal

                Death metal and gore may go together like a pimp and a whore, but death metal plies itself well to other content too and one such theme is sci-fi. Granted, this is usually aligned with the more technically exquisite side of the spectrum, but it does play beautifully into an alien sci-fi theme. One band which exploit this are Obscura, the cult German band who have a habit of releasing superb technical death metal and now, they’re back with their latest album ‘A Valediction’.

                With this latest offering, Obscura deliver yet another technical death metal masterpiece. This is an album which brims with virtuoso playing without ever losing sight of its original goal; ‘A Valediction’ isn’t a convoluted mess of high-brow science words which immediately put the listener off, instead, tracks such as ‘Solaris’, ‘In Unity’ and ‘The Neuromancer’ show a band on top of the game with the instrumental track ‘Orbital Elements II’ showing this band as a virtuoso powerhouse. This is actually all wrapped up in a beautiful high-quality production which allows every instrument to shine perfectly.

                It may be late in November, but Obscura once again find themselves sitting on one of the best albums of the year. This is another technical death metal masterpiece that can stand tall in an already glowing discography.

"another technical death metal masterpiece"

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