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Hellspike – ‘Dynasties of Decay’

Metal on Metal Records
Grave Digger, Living Death, Running Wild, Iron Angel, Space Chaser
Release Date
November 19, 2021
Metal on Metal Records
Speed/Thrash Metal

                Once you’re on the hamster wheel of writing, recording, release and touring albums it can be very difficult to actually get off. Yet, some bands revel in this, they are as industrious as worker ants continually marching and never ceasing to work. One such band are Hellspike, as the Portuguese band return with their sophomore album ‘Dynasties of Decay’ in little over a year since the release of their debut.

                Last year, Hellspike delivered a great album, it laid the foundations and said to the world that the band meant business. Now, with Hellspike back, ‘Dynasties…’ is all about consolidating that excellent thrash and speed metal sound that they had laid down on their debut album. Therefore, ‘Dynasties…’ has a similar sound, but it does manage to take things to the next level with some brilliant playing. Tracks such as ‘They Live’, ‘Hegemony Defied’ and ‘Ruthless Invasion’ have all the enjoyability of Grave Digger, Iron Angel and early Running Wild as vocalist Rick Metal (definitely his real name), gives his best Rock n’ Rolf impression.

                The production on ‘Dynasties…’ isn’t the best, but it does play perfectly into the band’s hands giving this album a real sense of old-school, honest integrity. Hellspike aren’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, they’re living, breathing and eating heavy metal and you literally cannot ask for more.

"a real sense of old-school, honest integrity"

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