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Bulletproöf – ‘Dynamite’ EP

Ossuary Records
Running Wild, Blazon Stone, Judas Priest, Grave Digger, Accept
Release Date
November 1, 2021
Ossuary Records
Heavy Metal

                It takes some real skill to craft quality heavy metal and stand out amongst the crowd with it. Yet, this hasn’t deterred Bulletproöf from attempting to deliver good old-fashioned heavy metal as the Argentine band release ‘Dynamite’, their debut EP.

                Yeah ok, this EP is actually as explosive as it sounds. What Bulletproöf have placed down here is a decent album of old-school heavy metal. ‘Dynamite’ is the sound of a band who worship at the altar of Running Wild and although the band are from Argentina, there is a distinctly Teutonic vibe emanating here. Tracks such as ‘Banners High!’, ‘Flag of Freedom’ and ‘Fist Pounding’ would make any fan of Grave Digger, Accept and Rage take out their air-guitars and headbang along as Bulletproöf present an EP of sing-a-long songs that become more and more endearing with each listen.

                There is nothing here that hasn’t been done before though, the listener will have heard it all already and whilst this gives ‘Dynamite’ a warm familiarity, there are some lyrics here which feel a little ‘borrowed’ from their idols and you’ll hear that immediately. This does however make the listener raise a cheeky smile with a nod of admiration at the bands ballsy recycling which just makes you play it over and over again. But whether Bulletproöf can deliver this over a full-length studio album remains to be seen.

"an EP that can be played over and over again"

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