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Untamed Land – ‘Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms’

Napalm Records
Dimmu Borgir, Summoning, Caladan Brood, Ennio Morricone
Release Date
October 8, 2021
Napalm Records
Black Metal/Progressive Rock/Western/Spaghetti Western Soundtrack

It’s very difficult to know where to begin with this. There are few albums out this year that are so deeply eclectic, a smorgasbord of Spaghetti Western Spanish guitars and strings, Celtic Folk, screamed Black Metal, atmospheric and wistful guitar/banjo interplay. Thrash blast beat drums with pounding basslines and histrionic guitars. And a church organ.

Perhaps the most important thing to say first is that this blending of elements works, and works exceptionally well. The brainchild of multi-instrumental maestro Patrick Kern, “Like Creatures…” is the second album in the Untamed Land project. And having that single captain at the helm means there are no distracting deviation from the course he takes with the music.

Don’t fear though, that the elements that make up this delightfully genre-defying mix of styles are diluted or sanitized on the way through the mill to make up the whole; the Death Metal stays Death-y, the Cinematic stays as epic as you could ask for, the Prog is; well, some of these songs are quite long. Patrick set out with a vision rather than a concept, and with “Like Creatures…” he has created something quite unique.

“Like Creatures…” is a fitting follow on to “Between the Winds”, that debut is pretty straight-up epic Black Metal album, and a damn good one too. “Like Creatures…” takes the game a whole step forwards, and the creative leap to add a non-related form in Western Soundtrack is both bold, and also well-judged and superbly executed. Not every reader of Metal Digest will like it, just as not every Napalm Records fanboy will either; but this is a fabulous combination of two slices of entirely different cakes that work perfectly on the same plate.

"Untamed Land is quite unique. Highly recommended"

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