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Sculptured – ‘The Liminal Phase’

BMG Records
Maudlin of the Well, Agalloch, Ne Obliviscaris
Release Date
August 27, 2021
BMG Records
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

Sculptured return after 13 years of silence with their gloomy new album, The Liminal Phase, so grab some coffee, and prepare to dive into the depths of your psyche.

Sculptured’s new album mixes their gloom and doom style music with deep lyrics to produce a very good album with some very stand-out songs. The opening track, ‘The Ordeal of Undecidability’, is a really strong start, with the band’s new singer, Marius Sjøli, really showing his ability to keep the tone and pace of the song whilst keeping the emotion of the song in place, and the metal double bass drums, and heavy riffs power you through. This style and pace is kept strong throughout the album, with the progressive nature keeping the songs interesting and captivating without sounding repetitive or overused. Every part of this album feels like it has been meticulously planned, every drum strike, every note, and every vocal tone has a purpose in the song and comes together to tell a story, and it has all been masterfully produced to make one hell of a comeback album.

For fans new and old, there is something to enjoy with this album, and has definitely been worth the  wait, and I look forward to their future work.

"it has definitely been worth the wait"

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