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OH NO NOH RADIOH – Radio Concerts On A Monthly Basis

Oh No Noh is searching for beauty in unconventional musical settings, obsolete technology and daily surroundings. Markus Rom is protagonist of this long-time-experiment and started working with this alter ego in 2019. He released an EP and an album via Leipzig based label TELESKOP, plays several concerts and festivals and works in diverse interdisciplinary cooperations . To gain inspiration from musical collaborations on a regular basis, he started the monthly radio format „Oh No Noh Radioh“ in 2020. Each episode features an experimental musician. Together with Rom they look into a musical theme, different changing every episode. The main focus lies on the realisation of this theme as a 25-minute musical piece. The theme of each episode can be objective (for example by using a certain material to create sounds or samples on/with), interprative (like a hommage to a certain piece/composer/era) or conceptual (with musical parameters, for example limiting oneself to only four notes). Besides the end in itself, looking into new possibilities of making music on a regular basis, the goal of this format is a collection of interesting and worthy music between improvisation and conceptual composition. The recorded episodes are streamed as a video at Leipzig-based Internet-Radio „Sphere Radio“ and are later available as an audiostream.

The current „season“ with dates:
28.7. „Sounds from Outer Space“ w/ Golden Disko Ship
25.8. „Grid Scores“ w/ Liz Kosack
29.9. „2 and 3 = 1“ w/ Andi Haberl
25.10. „Four Notes Only“ w/ Hainbach
24.11. „Dekomposition des Klanges“ w/ Lena Schmidt 22.12. „Graphic Scores“ w/ Peter Piek  26.1. „Chart Music“ w/ Zooey Agro 22.2. „Circuits Bent“ w/ der Warst
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