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Chloe Trujillo – ‘Mothers Of A New Nation’

Eleven Magic Records
Stages of Sleep, Dry Cleaning
Release Date
October 1, 2021
Eleven Magic Records
Alternative Rock/Heavy Trip Hop

French-born multi-media artist Chloe Trujillo has released one of the most…uncharacterizable albums I have heard in a while. This is decidedly not Metal; maybe Rock-ish. Maybe. It is thirty-seven minutes of quirky rhythms, emotive electronica, and fuzzy wonderment, all topped by slightly off-kilter spoken word presentations. Through in a dash of worldly attitude and socially conscious commentary and you might have a partial description. Think of a delightful combination of Courtney Barnett, Ziggy Stardust, and Bootsy Collins. Trust me.

Trujillo enlisted the production expertise of Tommy Daughtery (Dr. Dre, Ben Harper, Paul McCartney) the drumming of Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), and the guitar of Megadeth’s Chris Poland. Can you say “eclectic?” These contributions along with Trujillo’s many personal touches create a unique listening experience.

At first listen, ‘Mothers’ comes off as whimsical, fun, and (gasp) poppy, but upon repeat spins, the Hard Rock underpinnings become more evident, especially towards the latter tracks. Heavy on symbolism and metaphor, reaching up from the depths and diving down from the sky, ‘Mothers’ is quite an interesting journey. It arcs and sprawls upward and out, down aimless paths to a destination of your own making.

This will not be for a lot of Metal Digest readers. No pigeonholes, no neat little boxes, but plenty of thought provocation and catchy as hell. Put your battle vest aside for a bit and check it out. Good stuff.

"an interesting journey. It arcs and sprawls upward and out, down aimless paths to a destination of your own making"

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