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We Butter The Bread With Butter – ‘Das Album’

AFM Records
Whitechapel, Carnifex, Attila, Lorna Shore
Release Date
September 24, 2021
AFM Records

Six years have passed since what many thought was in some ways the end of We Butter the Bread with Butter (WBTBWB). 2015’s “Wieder geil!” was not particularly well received, (coming after the band’s standout “Goldkinder” was always going to be a big ask), it moved away from WBTBWB ’s principal ethos of Metalcore mixed with electronica, towards a less focussed, more haphazard sound. With “Das Album” it appears they have gone away to regroup; to “take it on the chin”, to return to the successful formula.

(From an entirely personal perspective I fucking HATE this video; but I LOVE the song).

WBTBWB have indeed returned to the fertile ground of their fun and much-loved earlier albums, and although it’s a welcome return, it’s not a rehash. There’s a strong case to say the song writing is peaking this time around. The album also works better as a piece in itself, there’s a good mix of tempo and texture to the songs that makes them flow and fit together in a quietly mature fashion. Repeated listens for the review became more of a pleasure as “Das Album” sank in layer by layer. Also of note is a major step-up in recording and mixing quality; this is in a different league to all earlier output, and when you put into perspective the cross-genre density they aim for, great sound only adds depth to the listener’s experience. Time for another video by way of explanation:

Mixing their trademark Metalcore with a soupçon of Industrial just works a treat. There’s a quite enjoyable balancing act between the faux comedic stylings, and the appropriate use of outright heaviness when called upon. As with all their albums, WBTBWB hit hard and hit often, but don’t necessarily always hit the target, “Goldkinder” was a high-water point, and “Das Album” reaches similar heights. In a funny kind of way, if they did an album that was consistently brilliant from beginning to end, it would be a disappointment. And that’s the world of WBTBWB in a nutshell

"Something that doesn’t sound like what you’re listening to right now!"

Come on in!

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