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Phantom Fire – ‘The Bust of Beelzebub’

Edged Circle Productions
Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Venom
Release Date
October 22, 2021
Edged Circle Productions
Black/Speed Metal

Dashing through the snow… is that Santa? No, is it balls, it’s Phantom Fire on their souped up Skidoo as it fires forward with its whirling buzzsaws and spittin’ flamethrowers whilst it shits diesel out onto the tundra. Following the bands excellent EP earlier this year… ok it was only two songs, but whatever… the blackened speed band are back with their full-length studio album ‘The Bust of Beelzebub’.

                The dust hadn’t even settled yet from that EP, but ‘The Bust…’ is actually a superb offering of black/speed metal. This is a band who don’t waste time worrying about a big, expensive production… who actually cares? This means that ‘The Bust…’ has a real sense of garage, DIY integrity about it, it reminds the listener of a simpler time with its honest attitude without hiding behind autotunes and endless takes. ‘The Bust…’ does this excellently, ‘Shut Eye’, ‘The Ninth Gate’ and the superb title track all have the appeal of Darkthrone and Aura Noir getting stuck in to some Cirith Ungol or Omen.

Yes, this means there is a big ol’ 80’s feel to this album and whilst it may not appeal to those who like their music clean and polished, Phantom Fire can hold their head up high that they have released an excellent album which a certain demographic of metal fans will adore.

"a superb offering of black/speed metal"

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