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LLNN – ‘Unmaker’

Pelagic Recordings
Amenra, Bossk, Harakiri for the Sky, Godflesh
Release Date
September 24, 2021
Pelagic Recordings
Post Hardcore/Industrial/Sludge/Noise Metal

“A swirling foul mist rises like a feverish pallor from a gash is the face of the dying planet, and an evil formed purely from torment, terror, and anger itself, emerges in a cacophony of discordant, brutal machine noise. No living thing can hope to survive this primal torment, God himself abandons the inhabitants to their inevitable fate”.

And that’s just the first track.

Danish Post-Industrial noise LLNN’s third album “Unmaker” is unleashed upon us all, who could ever have dreamt the progressive, peaceful nation of Denmark could physically contain anger as pure as this. This is about as unsettling as music gets. it makes the listener want to turn the lights on, phone their mum to make sure she’s OK, and double-check the back door is bolted. What makes it so affecting on a primal emotional level is knowing when to swing the claw hammer to the eye socket, and when to allow it to glimmer and softly catch the light just out of arm’s reach as a psychological torment.

Ketil G. Sejersen’s work on the keys adds so much atmosphere and emotional power they deserve mention before all else; for a body of work with so much fury and aggression they are the light that casts shadows so deep you realise just how dark a place you find yourself in. Christian’s barbed screams are frightening. No other word for it, vocals that make your heart pound even before you know the lyrics. Drummer Rasmus G. Sejersen keeps it tight behind the kit and adds colossal noise with percussion samples/live playing that sound like the construction of an iron antichrist. Lastly, Rasmus Furbo, guitars/noise. Even in this most extreme of genres, his playing is a cataclysm of down-tuned sonic torture that wields the claw hammer we mentioned earlier.

Put those pieces together, and the effect is astonishing. At turns the most claustrophobic, skull crushing intensity, and moments of eerie, portentous creeping malice. Using the extremes of sound from both ends of the peace/brutality spectrum makes the dark even darker, and the light no less disturbing.

"A shattering experience. If they used this as a horror soundtrack I wouldn’t have the nerve to watch"

Come on in!

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