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Canadian Pop-punk band THE Goodbye Summer release their new lyric video for “Rocket” and premiere via Ghost Cult Magazine! The video can be viewed here:

The video has also been released on the bands Youtube channel and can be found here:

The Goodbye Summer adds – “Rocket is the last song on The Goodbye Summer’s Self Titled Album and is about coming to the realization that it is up to you to take control of your life in order to chase your dreams. Even if it means leaving everything behind. ”
A place can carry memory, visceral reactions that evoke a sense of time and space. Like ghosts in the fog or passing ships in the night, returning to an area with an emotional connection retracts a long veiled tether between the self and a former life.

That is the case with Kentville, Nova Scotia’s The Goodbye Summer and their debut self-titled album, a love-letter to home, and a kaleidoscope of emotions that come with leaving it.   

Founded by band architect and vocalist/guitarist Daniel Hornell – with self-described drum nerd Alex Heibein and wildly adaptable bassist Brad Dodge – The Goodbye Summer are a genre hybrid that serve as a loving throwback to the turn of the century changes in pop-punk and the rise in emo in the mid 2000s.

Tips of the proverbial hat to trend-setters Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Rise Against, New found Glory and Ten Second Epic can be found across the ten-song debut LP.

Formerly of Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador, Hornell’s love of music came fast and furious from a young age from the moment he picked up an electric guitar at the age of 12. He’s been the driving force of bands and musical projects across Atlantic Canada ranging from pop punk, to techno and screamo. But in 2020 Hornell decided that it was time to cement his own path, without limitations.

“When I first landed here back in 2011, it was all about deejay, techno and rap. I was doing that for artists and rappers in the area and eventually did a bit of my own. But it just wasn’t my vibe,” he recalled. “It came to the point where it was like, OK, I’ve been writing songs for 15 years. I’ve got all these songs and they all had this leaving home, crying about girls vibe. I’m going to package this. I’m going to make this my band.”

Recruiting London, Ontario native Alex Heibein and former session-mate Brad Dodge, Hornell carved out the bones of what would become the debut LP of The Goodbye Summer, a concept record of sorts reflecting the emotional highs and lows that came from leaving his home province a decade prior.

“We made The Goodbye Summer, which is all about the summer I left home from Newfoundland and the emotions in that. That longing of wanting to be back home. And it had a lot of emo vibes and a real good source of lyrics for the album and for the band. I’ve got a fountain of this. There’s going to be more longing for home songs.”

Not content to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic resting on the laurels of their critically praised debut, the trio quickly set to work releasing, as Hornell put it, a “rough and ready” EP Sad Boy Buzz Words, mere months after the release of their debut LP.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the trio, the EP presents a live off the floor quality, and a renewed grit and bite to the band, trading in some of the melancholy of their self-titled for the sweat infused hysteria of their live performance.

“We were so dragged out by the end of that first record, it took so long to do it, that with the Sad Boys record we just said f**k it. I’m going to show up at seven o’clock and by midnight the song is completely recorded and done. I think you can really hear that on the EP. It’s live off the floor. It’s kind of sketchy and it lands.”

Fast, raw and full of heart, Sad Boy Buzz Words is the perfect compliment to the introspective journey of their sad-boy-summer debut, though a return to those roots and tug-on-the-heartstrings youth in revolt angst could be in order in 2022.

“While we were doing Sad Boys we also recorded an acoustic EP with all new songs, five songs. And LP two is totally in the works,” Hornell teased, sharing that the TBA record has ’10-12 songs’ which are ‘pretty much ready to go.’

“If that first one’s a concept album, this one is an extension of it reflecting back. I think we’re going to try to do it more like Sad Boys, with that rough and ready energy in there. That’s definitely what we’re going for. It’s fast, angry letters to your high school girlfriend.”

Pop-punk fans won’t be saying that long farewell to The Goodbye Summer anytime soon. 

The Goodbye Summer is:

Daniel Hornell – Guitar / Vocals 

Alex Heibein – Drums 

Brad Dodge – Bass

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