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Shadowland – ‘The Necromancers Castle’

No Remorse Records
Iron Maiden, Riot, Bitch, Warlock, Angel Witch, Saxon
Release Date
October 22, 2021
No Remorse Records
Heavy Metal

Somewhere, it is always 1982. Good, because trad metal is one of the best genres out there as bands don their denim and leather, working class attitudes and blast out good old fashioned metal. One such band are Shadowland who are capitalising on the release of their excellent debut EP ‘The Watcher’ to deliver their first, full-length studio album ‘The Necromancers Castle’.

                Just by looking at the album cover, the listener knows that they are in for a treat with this release, who can deny the coolness of castles, motorcycles, broadswords and a topless hero?  In fact, any one listening would convince themselves that they are listening to a lost gem from the NWOBHM era. ‘The Necromancers Castle’ has all the hallmarks of Paul Di’anno era Iron Maiden with its quick flurries of twin guitar harmonies and snarls coupled with the raw energy of Riot whilst being fronted by Betsy Bitch. Tracks such as ‘Ligeia’, ‘Walking in the Shadows’ and ‘Warhound’ just ooze the smell of patchouli oil, Newcastle Brown Ale and worn vinyl as ‘The Necromancers Castle’ had the important ability to provide some escapism for the listener, transporting them back to a simpler time.

                For fans of trad metal and NWOBHM, ‘The Necromancers Castle’ is an album worth seeking out, it is wonderfully crafted and a whole enjoyable experience. In fact, you could slide any track from this album onto any ‘Ultimate Collection of NWOBHM’ compilation and not even Lars Ulrich himself could tell you this was released in 2021. Mission accomplished.

"For fans of trad metal and NWOBHM, ‘The Necromancers Castle’ is an album worth seeking out"

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