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Ten Eyed Man – ‘From Beneath a Pallid Sky’

Independent Release
Slash, Myles Kennedy, Stone Sour, Disturbed
Release Date
August 13, 2021
Independent Release
Heavy Rock/Hard Rock

We’ve all done it, we’ve all looked at a band’s name and gone: “yep, I know exactly what genre they play”, therefore, it was a foregone conclusion that Ten Eyed Man played stoner/sludge metal. How very wrong. Hailing from the north of England, Ten Eyed Man (TEM) turn up the rock with ‘From Beneath a Pallid Sky’, the bands sophomore album.

                What TEM bring forward with their second album is an album of contemporary rock and metal that is delivered in a professional format by a band with experience well beyond their years. TEM may have been born in Manchester, but this is an album with a largely modern American hard rock sound from the arena style guitars down to the tub-thumping bass and drums. Furthermore, this is also down to vocalist Paul Millsopp who has a voice which can soar like Myles Kennedy Daughtry and Andrew Stockdale as tracks such as ‘Victim’, ‘Sweet Sister Mary’ and ‘Too Hot in the Hive’ deliver a familiar sound which wouldn’t be out of place on Slash’s 2010 album. However, as pristine as this album sounds, ‘From…’ can have a tendency to meander, there are some heavy distorted guitars, rough vocal deliveries and growls that although show the band have the finger on the pulse with nods to the likes of Stone Sour and Disturbed, overall, it just doesn’t seem to fit the full picture.

                All in all, this is an album which appeals to that classic rock revival with its sleek, arena sounds. ‘From…’ is a very adult album, yes, it is a little disjointed at times, but when it is delivered well, it leaves the listener thinking that these guys could be the next big thing.

"a sleek album delivered by a band with experience beyond their years"

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