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Fjøsnisse – ‘Vord’

Screaming Skull Records
Taake, Darkthrone, Mork
Release Date
January 16, 2021
Screaming Skull Records
Black Metal

It has been foretold in Norse Mythology that the frost-giant, Ymir, it was his leviathan carcass from whence the earth was birthed. The blood which flowed from open wounds became the sea, his bones transformed into the rocks and crags of the earth, from his hair, the trees were fashioned and the heavenly skies crafted from the dome of his skull. But sometimes, it takes naught a titan to produce the world in its splendor, for a mere human mind is capable of painting with the colors of sound and the imagination as the canvas.

This leads to the one man Black Metal band, Fjøsnisse and the album, ‘Vord’, but the question remains, if one is truly capable of producing a world from the realms of the imagination etched with the threads of sound…will  it be a world where the soul can find tranquility or will it be one where all light has forsaken?

Where ‘Vord’ excels is that it draws from the roots of your standard Black Metal formula, using its bones as its foundation, but the skin that is drafted onto this being is what gives it a distinct demeanor. However, the atmosphere conjured here is not that of a forest that teems with a luminous glow, but the album instead evokes a rather cimmerion aura that veils each track and seeps into the core.

Tracks such as ‘Der kommer ei kjærring’ and ‘Du skal slå ihjel’ invoke a tenebrific feeling in its delivery and this accomplishment has to be credited to the production as it magnifies the musical conjuration releasing a feral yet raw dissonance, not quite unlistenable, but a balance is struck where the vehemence can be fostered along with the audibility of the instrumentation.

While the production produces the obsidian waters that permeates through ‘Vord’ it is the guitars which slithers within this pool, creating slick and coiling patterns exuding at times a rather vibrant aura that feels celestial amidst the energy projected from the strings. ‘Frossen Skog’ is a prime example of this as the track itself takes a serpentine approach with its rhythmic essence, like the river that meanders through the pathway, where the waters rush and subside, so too does the guitars ooze in terms of the spirit that is conjured, for its climactic points that are attained are the zenith upon which this album gleams with magnificence.

However, it is one thing to create a pantheon of wonders that exist within the ink of night under a pale moon where nature’s seed roams and swells within the creation, but it is the voice that sings its praise, to me this is the element that brings forth life to ‘Vord’. The tongue which utters such words is not tinged in malevolence, nor does it stem from hate, rather it feels like a being who sees not with eyes but rather vision is granted through touch, where the environment flows within and out of the flesh and the voice becomes the vessel for such energy to be expelled.

Overall, this is an excellent release, even though I chose to pick out certain tracks to convey certain merits that exists within the album, to you, the reader I would suggest a thorough listen for listening to the tracks singularly, while they are still strong, I believe that ‘Vord’ offers a ritualistic spirit, one that can only be felt where the senses are fully engaged from the very first track to the last, for one will not recite a single line of an incantation and expect it to hold meaning, for in order to glean its power, its contents must be absorbed…this is the same with ‘Vord’.

“An album that offers a ritualistic spirit that captivates the senses from the first to the last track”

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