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The Raven Age – ‘Exile’

EX1 Records
Rise to Remain, A Perfect Murder, Trivium, Rise to Fall
Release Date
September 17, 2021
EX1 Records
Melodic Groove Metal/Metalcore

The Raven Age continue to power out melodic metal to make sure you keep things epic! So grab your favourite air guitar, a drink of your choosing, and prepare to ponder life with their new compilation album, ‘Exile’.

‘Exile’ is a powerful album; with a sleek contemporary production that is designed to sell records en masse, with the metalcore sound of Killswitch Engage and modern In Flames at their most melodic, whilst also appealing to fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, and Machine Head. The powerful opening track, ‘No Man’s Land’, really shows how they mean to go on, with melodic riffs, deep lyrical content, and pain-soaked vocals to sink into. The album continues to pull at the emotional strings with the track ‘As the World Stood Still’, with its almost medieval riffs that are pulled up with the metalcore feel that you would expect from The Raven Age. The album brings it all down to earth with the final track, ‘Hold High the Fleur De Lis’, with powerful lyrics that will make you feel you’ve drifted into an epic movie soundtrack.

Although this compilation is not as heavy as previous albums, The Raven Age manage to keep enough bite and overall it is a decent compilation album that will appeal to many fans, regardless of genre preference.

"a decent album with a wide ranging appeal"

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