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Nidhoeggr – ‘Arise’

Art Gates Records
Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Havamal
Release Date
October 29, 2021
Art Gates Records

Viking and Norse mythology go together with heavy metal like cheese and burgers. Recently, this combination has become en vogue with multiple bands taking up their battle axes claiming a piece of the pillaging and loot. This year has Swiss folk/metal band Nidhoeggr returning for the first time since their double whammy EPs in 2019 with their sophomore album ‘Arise’.

                With ‘Arise’, Nidhoeggr have refined their sound to create a sleek album that silently prowls through the waters. This is an excellently produced album; a tight production allows for every instrument to heard clearly and cleanly against the pummelling death metal backdrop. Naturally, these growls, lyrics and riffs would appeal to fans of Amon Amarth, Gwydion and Havamal, yet, it is the arrangements Lorenz Joss that allow ‘Arise’ to shine as tracks such as ‘Onwards’, ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘Mighty Willow’ give touches of Ensiferum and Korpiklaani which give ‘Arise’ that epic soundscape.

                In fact, the only thing feeling like a slog with ‘Arise’ is its length, there is a lot to take in and it does require multiple listens to thoroughly enjoy, but with a bit of time and effort ‘Arise’ is actually glorious making it a great partner for drinking mead to.

"a glorious grower of an album"

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