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Pop-Metal Moodboard | Fallen Stars

Welcome to Metal Digest’s Metal Mood board.

Our vision is to create a collage that conveys the ideas and concept of bands and artists alike, and define their identity in the most unconventional and fun way.

This time we’re bringing you Fallen Stars!

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Monster Truck, Strange Breed, Param-Nesia, The Pack AD, Hunting Giants

1 piece of equipment every musician should own

Every musician needs a way to record their ideas, if its their phone, laptop, or home recording studio. Something where they can put ideas down in the moment.

A must have skill to make it in the music industry

Truthfully, you need to be able to market yourself properly. Being personable and approachable as well as being able to show your product to other people confidently. No one is going to believe in your music if you don’t in the first place.

3 albums you grew up listening to

Incura, Pigeon Park and Monster Truck. Amazing Canadian bands that showed me what being a musician is all about.

Top 2 values you consider before making important career decisions

Are you happy with it? Can you live with this decision forever and looking back does this help your career.
Have people tried this before? Did it work for them? If not, are you sure you want to try it?

Your failproof source of inspiration.

Other musicians. Going online and seeing all the other amazing people creating so much fantastic stuff just makes me want to pick up my instrument and keep creating.

OK! Let’s what we’ve got!

This is Fallen Stars pop-metal moodboard

Fallen Stars is:

Rose Anson – Vocals
Dave Keske – Guitar
Eddison King Pang – Guitar
Jade Weekes – Bass
Danny Sever – Drums

Connect with Fallen Stars:






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