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Twelve Foot Ninja – ‘Vengeance’

Volkanik Music
Skindred, Periphery, Jinjer, Erra
Release Date
October 15, 2021
Volkanik Music
Hard Rock/Nu-Metal/Metalcore

We seem to be in a world where album releases are starting to lose their ‘special feeling’, as many bands simply dump their next batch of tracks onto their Spotify/Bandcamp/Apple Music libraries without much fanfare except maybe a copy/paste social media post. Twelve Foot Ninja have done it a little differently, however, as first single ‘Long Away Home’ had an accompanying 2D platformer video game, in which collecting the 12 bricks would allow you to see the song’s video, preceding a totally mad bundle of extras, as a semi-related book about a samurai boy, and entirely related graphic novel about titular ‘twelve foot ninja’ have been released alongside the album.

And let’s talk about the album shall we? It’s an utterly mental affair, with super heavy Djent-y riffs, uplifting chorus chord progressions, sections of mad musical styles from Polka to Trip-Hop, and even an almost pop-sounding verse in ‘Shock to the System’. 

Somehow this messed-up amalgamation of styles and sensibilities manages to sound wonderfully cohesive, and a genuinely fun listen that surpasses even their quality prior albums ‘Silent Machine’ and ‘Outlier’. It showcases significant growth for the band, twisting the fairly obvious adoration for Mike Patton and associated projects into a genuinely individual and recognizable sound for the band, and really starting to show confidence in their weirdness, not shying away from the strange, atypical sections or toning the madness down at all.

It works, too, and remains engaging and entertaining, all the while just about taking itself seriously enough to surely please most of the metal purists, in a perfect blend of silliness worthy of Monty Python, and genuine talent in both performance and songwriting. The spoken word sections are comedic and entertaining, and the Aussie twang simply adds to the nonchalance of it all.

"An entertaining album by a band that are only getting better"

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