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Monolord – ‘Your Time to Shine’

Relapse Records
Electric Wizard, Windhand, Sleep, Conan, Bongripper
Release Date
October 29, 2021
Relapse Records
Doom/Stoner Metal

                Band’s can sometimes be graceful, lithe and hardly leave a mark on the ground as they dance their way forward. However, some bands land with a colossal thud, shaking the earth like a Brachiosaurus with a migraine as they trample along. One such band are Monolord, whose doom and stoner grooves culminated in the fantastically received ‘No Comfort’ in 2019 and now the Swedish doomsters are back with their latest album ‘Your Time to Shine’.

                With ‘Your Time…’, Monolord have once again stuck to their tried and tested formula. This album is big, it is heavy and it has more grooves than an Artex ceiling as Monolord not only shake your speakers, but also the foundations of your house with its smooth bass laden runs. Tracks such as ‘The Weary’ , the epic ‘The Siren of Yersinia’ and the title track hammer at the anvil like a two ton heavy thing with all the power of Electric Wizard and Windhand as well as Sleep and Conan as ‘Your time’ crushes all asunder.

                Yet, this is the sort of doom/stoner where the listener knows what they are getting; those not bothered by this genre will not be phased by it, but for those versed in the ways of Monolord and this genre will find an absolutely stellar album that goes down well with some lovely craft ale.

"more grooves than an Artex ceiling"

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