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Artaban’s Redemption – ‘Broken Puppets’ EP

Demons Records
Iron Savior, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Orden Ogan
Release Date
May 21, 2021
Demons Records
Power Metal

For all its death and destruction, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen artists adapt to the situation and challenge themselves in situations that they would not necessarily have found themselves in. Artaban’s Redemption (AR) were formed during the lost year of 2020 by members of Freedom Call, Inntrance, Unbound, Derdian and Lethargus to create some sci-fi power metal with their debut EP ‘Broken Puppets’.

                When members of this calibre get together, the listener knows that they are in for with AR delivering some decent power metal. Stretching to just under 30 minutes, ‘Broken Puppets’ does feel more like an album than an EP with its length, but tracks such as ‘Obsolete Tech’, ‘Time for War’ and ‘Revolution’ showcase what AR are fully capable of with all the sci-fi hallmarks of Gamma Ray and Iron Savior. However, the one thing that holds back ‘Broken Puppets’ is a rather restrained production; this may be understandable for a debut EP, but with a high-quality production not too dissimilar from the bands which have clearly inspired AR could easily catapult this band into the limelight.

                For a debut EP, this is actually very enjoyable, it has more bleeps and bloops than R2-D2 sitting on a 90’s modem, but it does mean that those who hear ‘Broken Puppets’ are already awaiting a studio album.

"more bleeps and bloops than R2-D2 sitting on a 90’s modem"

Come on in!

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