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Manimal – ‘Chains of Fury’ EP

AFM Records
Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Brainstorm, Helloween
Release Date
October 22, 2021
AFM Records
Heavy/Power Metal

                When a band releases a top-quality album, it can be hard to emulate or surpass and more often than not, the only way is down. Yet, this challenge does not phase Manimal who have hit 2021 with a bang by releasing their latest EP ‘Chains of Fury’.

                What Manimal have delivered with ‘Chains of Fury’ is an utterly superb EP of pure, heavy metal. During its 20-minute running time, Manimal waste no time in demonstrating that they can play with the big boys of the genre by providing five tracks of molten metal. Yeah, ok, these tracks are cheesy, and jam packed with heavy metal clichés, but that’s exactly the reason to love it. This is an EP that gives no regards for what others think as tracks such as ‘Burn in Hell’, ‘Forged in Metal’ and the title track roar with all the undeniable energy of Judas Priest, Primal Fear and Brainstorm. Furthermore, vocalist Sam Nyman shows that once again, he has the scream of the devil himself as he powers his way through these tracks. In fact, this voice is that powerful that this is what the KK’s Priest album should have sounded like.

                Manimal have once again flexed their creative muscle and delivered a great EP of metal. Ultimately, an EP is what it is, it provides something cool for hardcore Manimal fans, but it also sets the stage up and raises the bar significantly for Manimal’s upcoming studio album at the end of the year.

"sets the stage up and raises the bar significantly for Manimal’s upcoming studio album"

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