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Jeff Scott Soto – ‘The Duet’s Collection: Vol 1’

Frontiers Records
JSS, Talisman, Soul Sirkus, Soto
Release Date
October 8, 2021
Frontiers Records
Hard/Melodic Rock

                Throughout his career, Jeff Scott Soto has often fell into the category of “shit, our vocalist has left and we need someone asap to replace them!”, the answer more often than not has been, better call Jeff. Why wouldn’t you? The man is versatile, has an amazing range and worked with an exceptional group of people. This year has Soto celebrating that career with ‘The Duet’s Collection, Vol 1’ by selecting tracks from his career and duetting them with the many fine voices available at Frontiers Records.

                This isn’t the action of a man who is out of work and showcasing himself, Soto is an established artist in his own right as well as being the voice behind progressive rock royalty Sons of Apollo and if anything, it is quite the opposite, it is Soto showcasing the many talents here that many people may not have heard of. Naturally, there are some hard hitters, Eric Martin, Deen Castronovo and Russell Allen spring out immediately from this list. But, there is some real talent here that quite often sits beneath the surface of the passing rock fan, voices such as Erik Mårtensson, Dino Jelusick and Nathan James give their voices a powerful run out as they tackle songs as far ranging as Yngwie Malmsteen to Talisman and JSS.

                The songs here are done well, but ultimately ‘The Duet’s…’ is basically a covers album. It serves its purpose and that is to showcase the talent on offer at Frontiers Records, fans of hard and melodic rock will enjoy it, but it probably won’t have much longevity beyond a few novel listens.

"'...Duets Vol 1' showcases the talent available at Frontiers Records"

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