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Goatfather – ‘Monster Truck’

Argonauta Records
Orange Goblin, Psychonaut, Stoned Jesus, Vovoid
Release Date
September 17, 2021
Argonauta Records
Heavy/Stoner Rock/Metal

Lyon Stoner Metallers Goatfather don’t mess around. Up and at ‘em riff-heavy assault from the first track to the last. And no let-up in-between either. Opener “Convoy” sets the tone with suitably geological heaviness, and that riff sticks in your head for days. Be prepared for another seven tracks worth of punishment, this is not an album for background ambience, this is designed to rip your face off and cast it to the heat of the desert sand.

The lead single “In Your Face” certainly lives up to the title.

“In Your Face” isn’t just a song: it’s a statement,” the band says. “We are Goatfather, we don’t care about trends or commercial music. We play heavy fuckin’ hipster fistin’ stoner rock n’roll since 2014. And whether you like it or not, every single song we’ll play will just be like a fist in your face!”

The closest it comes to giving you a moment to catch up is, well, it just doesn’t. Epic of crunch and bedazzling of riff; it has the effect of a really dark Thrash band playing Stoner Metal for kicks and finding out they really enjoy it. There’s heavier out there for sure, this approaches heavy from a slightly different angle, as the vocals take a few decidedly Black/Hardcore dips and dives to further add to the disorienting crush.

“Blood of my Brothers” takes the same recipe, and turns everything up another notch; a cataclysmic riff, screamed vocals, and the most delicious Hawkwind-y break down/middle eight of the whole album. (YouTube’s compression does this no favours; listen via a good stream or physical copy to get the full bludgeoning effect). You need a sit down after this; it’s brutal, unrelenting, and you’re staring straight down the barrel of the epic closing track “Shelter” taking aim at your senses all the way through to further add to the compounding dread.

Man, I got to see these guys live.

"Unrelenting. In a good way"

Come on in!

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