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An atmospheric sit-down in total darkness with Waldgeflüster

German Black Metal titans Waldgeflüster have returned with a new studio album, their first true concept album since 2011’s ‘Femundsmarka’, bringing more calm sections mixed in with the well-loved staple of 10+ minute epics of atmospheric brutality. We sat down to discuss the thought processes and mindset behind the music, the impact of lyrics and story, and potential future insights.

Welcome to metal digest! To begin, I must congratulate you on the new album! How good does it feel to finally have the fruits of so much time and effort unleashed for the public?

 Thank you. We are more than happy to finally be able to share the record with the public. It is an exciting time.

With this latest album, you have exposed diverse forms, from Extreme Metal to Post-Rock and even Germanic Folk. Is this endemic to your songwriting, or something that you have to strive to achieve?

 This switching between genres and musical extremes comes naturally to us. We have always created music that way. I guess this is rooted in our own musical taste. My playlist will sometimes switch from noisy Black Metal to Country, to some Elektropop, Folk, or melodic Death Metal within minutes.

Has returning to the previously well-received concept album format felt like a natural move for the band, or has it perhaps felt like a burden of expectation after the critical acclaim of ‘Femundsmarka’?

 Both. On the one handwriting a concept record feels easier to me than having a blank page for every song of an album. The concept gives you some boundaries and that really helps to focus on creating a coherent piece of art. On the other hand Femundsmarka was received pretty well, so that was definitely setting some expectations for us and putting the stakes higher. But in the end, I am more than happy with what we achieved on Dahoam, and I think it doesn’t need to hide behind Femundsmarka at all.

How important would you say is it for the listener to engage in the lyrical concept of a Waldgeflüster album, particularly one with such a deep personal meaning?

 I think it is important, though not necessary. But that’s why I always provide English translations to the lyrics – so that people not familiar with German have a chance to look into the meaning of our songs. Meaning and music goes hand in hand with our songs, so I can only encourage everyone to read through the,. Especially on Dahoam, the lyrics give a deeper insight into the concept and clears the misconception of regional patriotism that some people think Dahoam is about. It is definitely not it’s also not about Bavaria specifically. Bavaria is only a setting for ideas and concepts about home.

Are there any tips or words of wisdom you would give to new artists or anyone looking to start a band?

DYI and never give up. Use Bandcamp, print merch yourself. Be friendly and polite to everyone, except when not getting it back. The last one is valid for everyone, not only young artists.

The music you create is deeply intense and personal, but if we were to bump into each other in a bar, would we be good for a game of pool over a couple of beers and some funny stories?

Absolutely! Nothing better than having some pints and share stories and laughter. Though I take our music extremely serious, this is not true for myself and I’d rather share a good time with you than sit depressed in a corner.

 Thank you for your time, I wish you the success deserved with ‘Daoham’.

Thank you for your support!

Best of 5 with Metal Digest at 9-ball when you’re in the UK, ok?

 Haven’t played pool in quite some time, but I am up for the challenge! Pints are a must-have though.

Sam Turner, Metal Digest

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