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Vriess – ‘Vriess’ EP

Alien Forces/XenoKorp
Abigail Williams, Crypts of Despair, GODLESS
Release Date
August 5, 2021
Alien Forces/XenoKorp
Thrash Metal/Deathcore

Comprised of members of several bands, most notably French outfit Project For Bastards, (awesome by the way), Vriess is a side project that has recently recorded a few songs that didn’t quite fit their primary bands. A friendly recommendation: Write more songs that don’t “fit.” The world needs to hear more of this.  

This five-song EP starts off strong with “The Fight.” Slow, cascading, distorted arpeggios evolve into multiple layers of intrigue. Then the brakes suddenly disappear, and the train comes completely off the rails. It’s a wild ride of rapid-fire riffs and uncontrolled mayhem, all unhinged and gloriously violent. Scraped out and splayed out, this song is a jagged spear that penetrates the bone.

From there, it is an all-out assault on the senses. This music is about aggression and expression in the most savage terms. The vocals are pained and shrieked with disturbing authenticity. The scorched voice and subject matter hits close to home…and is a little too relatable at times.

But like I said, “starts off strong.” The first song is astounding. Truly. But the rest is…good, just not as good as the opener. And sometimes “good” is good enough. But I see a lot more potential here. Personally, if the fleet finger theatrics on “The Reality” and the manically wrenching “Father” is any indication, Vriess can assume a proud spot in the Metal world.

All in all, a good listen. You know there could be more, but if it’s a one and done…it’s still pretty cool.  

"Vriess can assume a proud spot in the Metal world"

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