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Demolizer – ‘Upgrade’ EP

Mighty Music
Destruction, Exodus, Necronomicon, Municipal Waste
Release Date
October 1, 2021
Mighty Music
Thrash Metal

                What a wild ride it has been for Demolizer, from recording their demo in 2018 to being in the finals of W.O.A. Battle of the Bands in Denmark which culminated in the release of the bands debut album ‘Thrashmageddon’ in 2019. With their feet firmly back on solid ground, Demolizer have re-recorded that 2018 demo album and re-released it under the title ‘Upgrade’.

                ‘Upgrade’ is actually the correct word here for what Demolizer have delivered. The band have taken that original demo to the heights that were never previously thought known; yes, the Danes have removed the tracks ‘Suicidal Path’ and ‘Political Decapitation’ from the original demo, but they have replaced them with a fantastic cover of ‘King of the Kill’ by Annihilator. These guys know their thrash onions and with the added firepower of guitarist Aria Mobbarez into the mix, this isn’t so much as an upgrade as a whole new model. ‘Upgrade’ sounds fresh, warm and endearing, it is enjoyable and has all the hallmarks of not only Exodus, Destruction and Necronomicon, but also has the good-time likeability of Municipal Waste as Demolizer lay waste to the speakers and everything around them in less than 17 minutes.

                This is excellent thrash metal and literally shows how far Demolizer have come in just a few years. A re-recorded EP may just be a stop gap, but it does set the stage perfectly for a brand new studio album.

"this is excellent thrash and literally shows just how far this band have come"

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