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Paradox – ‘Heresy II: End of a Legend’

AFM Records
Heathen, Artillery, Flotsam & Jetsam, Toxik, Holy Terror, Agent Steel
Release Date
September 24, 2021
AFM Records
Power/Thrash/Speed Metal

Some bands spend their career sticking to one sound, it works, so why would it change? Other bands weave several sounds together into a patchwork blanket of different designs. One such band are Paradox, the German band blend thrash with elements of power and speed metal that has allowed them to stand out. Paradox released the seminal ‘Heresy’ album back in 1990 and now, 31 years later, the German band are following this album up with ‘Heresy II: End of a Legend’.

                There may be a trepidation here that Paradox may shoot themselves in the foot and sully not only ‘Heresy’ but also their reputation; thankfully, these thoughts can be blown away as what Paradox have delivered with ‘Heresy II…’ is another fantastic album. This sequel can easily equal its predecessor as the band drive forward at every opportunity giving a modern, sleek finish to a classic sound. In fact, tracks such as ‘Unholy Conspiracy’, ‘A Man of Sorrow’ and ‘End of a Legend’ show a band comfortably flirting with a progressive sound that would appeal to fans of Agent Steel, Artillery and Toxik as well as early Heathen.

                At 75 minutes, ‘Heresy II…’ is a large meal, it’s twice as long as its predecessor, but it is worth every minute with an album which not only shows Paradox still have their finger on the pulse, able to tingle the dingle of all their fans, but with an album this good, the sky is the limit as to what ‘Heresy II…’ will be able to achieve.

"this will put a tingle in the dingle of every Paradox fan"

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