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Ocean Grove Drop “CALI SUN” Video

Ocean Grove‘s electric summer single CALI SUN” is out today. This positive, passionate, and uplifting earworm also comes alongside a brand new music video

Thematically, “CALI SUN” exemplifies the Ocean Grove ethos to critically question the norm and champion the anti-norm. It features both inspired sonics and an equally inspired message to match.

“Paradisiacal and enticing, ‘CALI SUN’ represents the ultimate marketplace for the senses whether they lust for fame, money, or success. Not your stereotypical heartbreak story, ‘CALI SUN’ is a nod to the land and opulence of California herself,” says Ocean Grove.

The band continues, “As the song reveals, human dependence on anything ‘feel good’ in excess never ultimately rewards or fulfills the user, rather leaving them on a perpetual chase that can only be checked through a journey of self-realization. Left to its own devices, we consider this dependence the work of the enemy mind, an insidious yet inherent part of us all. Without maintaining PMA, our vulnerability to chasing a high will always tempt and taunt us.”

The sweltering anthem also marks Ocean Grove’s first release as a trio following the amicable departure of guitarist Matt Henley last month.

Unsurprisingly, “CALI SUN” continues to demonstrate the unstoppable force of creative energy oozing from OG. This is a group that’s tighter than ever, emboldened with clarity, confidence, and many daring plans yet to be revealed…

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