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MØL – ‘Diorama’

Nuclear Blast Records
Svalbard, My Bloody Valentine, Deafheaven, Ghost Bath
Release Date
November 5, 2021
Nuclear Blast Records
Blackgaze/Melodic Black Metal/Post Hardcore

Denmark’s MØL bring us their highly anticipated second album “Diorama” and it’s a big deal this time around following a move to the musical premier league with big-hitters Nuclear Blast.

From that moment, the opening track “Fraktur” has a magical transition from Melodic to darkly euphoric, less than two minutes into the album you’re hooked. It’s a hell of a ride.

2018’s debut album “Jord” quite deservedly made many end of year lists; it was a shockingly good introduction to a band undoubtedly made for bigger and even better things. Bristling with dark power aplenty, crushing riffs, and quite masterful musicianship and varied vocalisations it made a lot of people sit up and take notice.

Has it been worth the three years of waiting for the follow-up? Absolutely so; ‘Diorama’ brings a broader spectrum of MØL’s sonic palate, there is so much material and variety here many bands may have gone down the double album/parts 1+2 path without having to write another note. That so much is contained in a such a short space of time displays a concise approach to writing and song structure; and with the exception of the wholly intentionally over-the-top “Vestige” there is no flab, nothing wasted.

Centrepiece of the album, “Redacted” is possibly the stand out track (for this listen, it will be different next time!) and shows how much light and shade the band are capable of. Hints of Mogwai’s dreamy wall of noise, to the intensity of Alcest running at 110%, this is a powerhouse of melodic Black Metal, with a hypnotic power to draw you into the rhythm so hard it almost hurts when the song stops. Each time you listen to this album you’ll also most likely have a different favourite, as the emotional depth behind the songs shines through so powerfully there will be one that closely matches your mood.

If this isn’t in the top five’s of almost every music publication’s 2021 it will be quite a surprise, (admittedly “Opera Now” might give it a swerve). Melodic/Blackgaze and all that surrounds it may have new champions; and with the might of Nuclear Blast behind them they could be everywhere.

Last thoughts; MØL have raised the game for melody in Metal. This is a blend of everything you already love, and a tour de force of song writing and invention…

…and then there’s the last song, the title track “Diorama” which will surprise you. Hell yes it will.

"a real triumph"

Come on in!

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