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Crazy Lixx – ‘Street Lethal’

Frontiers Records
Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, H.E.A.T., Treat, Hardcore Superstar, Tyketto
Release Date
November 5, 2021
Frontiers Records
Hard Rock

Seriously, when it comes to creating new bands, what do they put in the water in Sweden? Bollocks to IKEA, their biggest export is rock and metal, every band you look at these days is from somewhere in Sweden and to top it off, the country knows how to do it bloody well. This year has hard rockers Crazy Lixx returning with their latest album ‘Street Lethal’, their first album since 2019.

                The pandemic has not changed Crazy Lixx one iota, this is a band which have put their foot to the floor and let their gorgeous hair flow in the wind. These guys know how to write a record and put on a hell of a party whilst they’re at it, in fact, someone should tell Crazy Lixx that it isn’t 1989 anymore. Actually, don’t, because ‘Street Lethal’ is an excellent album which bubbles with anthemic songs, foot stomping riffs and good time party lyrics; tracks such as ‘Anthem for America’, ‘Caught Between the Rock n’ Roll’ and ‘The Power’ have all the vibes of 80’s Kiss and Bon Jovi as well as the big, gang vocals of Def Leppard in their prime. This means that ‘Street Lethal’ is massively cheesy, it’s going out on a Friday night cheesy, it is drinking Jack Daniels, doing a line of coke in a strip club and puking up in an alley on the way home cheesy and it is fucking good.

                You can’t actually ask for anything more from an album like this, for melody, big chorus’ and sing-a-long lyrics, it is on point and it is very, very enjoyable. It won’t do anything for anyone outside of genre, but fans of hard rock with an 80’s flavour should head out immediately and purchase this album, it will not disappoint.        

"fans of hard rock with an 80’s flavour should head out immediately and purchase this album"

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