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Blazon Stone – ‘Damnation’

Independent Release
Running Wild, Grave Digger, Silverbones, X-Wild
Release Date
September 15, 2021
Independent Release
Heavy/Power/Speed Metal

                Sadly, it is inevitable that there will come a time where Rock n’ Rolf of Running Wild decides that it is time to hang up his tricorne and scuttle the galleon. Thankfully, Blazon Stone are the heir to the Running Wild throne, delivering album after album of solid heavy metal in the way that only Running Wild can. Recently, Blazon Stone have been on a creative spree and this year has the Swedes releasing ‘Damnation’ and setting sail on their latest quest for booty.

                The listener might be surprised to hear that ‘Damnation’ sounds exactly as they imagined it to; that sound is literally Running Wild without a drum machine. However, ‘Damnation’ is far from just Running Wild worship, yes of course, that is a big part of it, but it is the sound of a band developing themselves beyond this remit. Tracks such as ‘Raiders of Jolly Roger’, ‘Black Sails on the Horizon’ and the epic ‘Highland Outlaw’ show a band capable of challenging themselves to write better and better songs which are lyrically and compositionally better each time.

                This is a band which knows how to write trad metal with enough of a speed metal touch to thoroughly hit home the overt pirate themes. Yes, it sounds like Running Wild and no, there is nothing wrong with that at all. Ultimately, it boils down to this, if you don’t like Running Wild, then it’s not for you. However, if you like Running Wild, just buy this this album, it certainly won’t disappoint.         

"Blazon Stone continue to challenge themselves to write better and better songs"

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