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Lucifer – ‘Lucifer IV’

Century Media Records
Year of the Cobra, Ghost, Avatarium, The Oath, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Release Date
October 29, 2021
Century Media Records
Doom Metal/Rock

It takes some real skill to stand out in both the world of doom and vintage/classic rock/revival whatever you want to call it. But over the course of their seven year career, it would seem that Lucifer have managed to pull out all the stops creating melodic and extremely catchy songs which hark back to a different era. This year has Lucifer returning with their fourth studio album that has unimaginatively been titled ‘Lucifer IV’.

                Thankfully, with ‘Lucifer IV’, this is actually where the unimaginativeness ends. What Lucifer have delivered here is another album of excellent songs that are heavy on melody and occultism with just enough heaviness to be massively accessible. Tracks such as ‘Wild Hearses’, ‘Bring Me His Head’ and ‘Mausoleum’ are hugely catchy and it is impossible not to begin singing along with even the first listen with ‘Lucifer IV’ having the appeal of not only the likes of Year of the Cobra and Avatarium, but also the infectious qualities of Ghost and Blue Öyster Cult with enough Black Sabbath grooving in there to appease the stoners.

                However, there may have been some discontent with ‘Lucifer III’ as the band seemed to push more into that 70’s era sound and away from the slow occultism of the first record; but, luckily ‘Lucifer IV’ sits someway between the debut album and ‘Lucifer II’ and may actually be one of the best things that Lucifer have ever put to record.

"one of the best things that Lucifer have ever put to record"

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