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Excalibur – ‘The Bitter End’ EP (Reissue)

No Remorse Records
Witchfynde, Demon, Vardis, Tysondog, Aragorn
Release Date
September 24, 2021
No Remorse Records
New Wave of British Heavy Metal

                There aren’t many genres which have become a treasure trove of bands as much as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement. This is a genre which regularly has collectors fighting over items such as a one-time pressing of a 7” single, only released in Tyne & Wear in 1979. Every now and then a record company throws up a tasty offering and this time it is the turn of No Remorse Records to reissue Excalibur’s 1985 debut EP ‘The Bitter End’.

                Now, 1985 may have been beyond the last death throes of NWOBHM and that in essence, kind of adds to the mystique of ‘The Bitter End’. It is an album which sounds out of place and out of time; had this been released in 79/80/81 it would have had some real potential to aim for the big leagues. However, what No Remorse Records give us here are basically three versions of the EP, the first being the original mix delivered by Conquest Records back in ’85, the second allowing fans to hear the demo tracks of a few of these tracks. However, the main thing here is the brand new unheard ‘Excalibur Mix’ of ‘The Bitter End’ which allows fans to endlessly discuss which mix they prefer.

                If you are not a fan of NWOBHM, then this reissue will do nothing for you, however, if this is your go-to genre then ‘The Bitter End’ provides the perfect opportunity to purchase this lost gem from a bygone era

"for NWOBHM fans, this reissue provides the perfect opportunity to expand their collection"

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