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Pestilence – ‘Testimony of the Ancients’ (2LP Vinyl Reissue)

Hammerheart Records
Atheist, Cynic, Carcass, Sadus, Skeletal Remains
Release Date
September 24, 2021
Hammerheart Records
Death Metal

Remember the end of the 90’s when the short haired dude with too many piercings and loud shirts would tell you: “vinyl is dead maaan”? How wrong those people were as the vinyl resurgence continues and continues as it rises to being one of the most popular forms of media for people to consume. This year has Pestilence’s seminal ‘Testimony of the Ancients’ being re-released through Hammerheart Records as a two LP set.

                In the death metal world, everybody knows just how impactful ‘Testimony…’ is, often being spoke of in the same breath Carcass, Cynic and Atheist, it really sets itself up as a defining moment of the early 90’s death metal scene. With this new 2 LP set, the 1st LP features ‘Testimony…’ in its entirety, which is reason enough for a purchase, if you don’t already own it. Yet, the 2nd LP features Pestilence’s live set from their 1992 Dynamo Open Air appearance. Now, as with all Dynamo Open Air recordings, this LP isn’t exactly the best quality at times, but it does show Pestilence with all their warts an’ all with what appears to be very little live tinkering.

                A 2 LP set of ‘Testimony…’ provides something new for vinyl collectors to get their hands on. If you already have this album from way back when or indeed a second hand copy, then it provides a good investment if your copy skips, jumps or crackles; but if your copy plays just fine and if you’re not bothered about a live LP, then there’s not much to be offered.  

"Hammerheart Records have provided another chance for vinyl collectors to get their paws once again on a classic album"

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