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Limp Bizkit – ‘STILL SUCKS’

Crazy Town, Papa Roach, (hed) P.E., Linkin Park
Release Date
October 31, 2021

The Redneck Red-Cap is back again with the new album, ‘STILL SUCKS’, so get your baggy jeans out of storage, turn that cap backwards, and get ready to bounce like it’s 2001 and scream out for DJ Lethal!

Don’t let his new full head of hair fool you… Straight out of the gate, Limp Bizkit come out swinging with the track ‘Out Of Style’ that really does pack a punch with its heavy, bouncy riff that you will have to bang your head to. There are some tracks that seem to completely go against the grain, such as ‘Don’t Change’, which really brings down the tone with its acoustic vibe and profound lyrics, and then again with ‘Goodbye’ which sounds more like a breakaway pop hit than a Limp Bizkit track. The rest of the album is exactly what you’d expect from the band, with heavy riffs, fun ‘I don’t give a fuck’ lyrics, and strong production values.

Overall, the album is a strong throwback to Limp Bizkit’s glory days, and if you like early Limp then you’ll know what you’re getting into. For the new fans, prepare your neck for some serious headbanging when that riff drops!

a strong throwback to Limp Bizkit’s glory days

Come on in!

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