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Jerry Cantrell – ‘Brighten’

Double J Music
Alice in Chains, Eddie Vedder, Mad Season, Scott Weiland
Release Date
October 29, 2021
Double J Music
Alternative Rock

                Certain people do not need introduction, their reputation precedes them and one such person is Jerry Cantrell. Cantrell as a guitarist is up there with the likes of Dimebag Darrell in defining guitar sounds of the 90’s and outside of Alice in Chains, the guitarist’s solo work has been relatively sparse. This year has Cantrell returning with ‘Brighten’, the guitarist’s first solo work since the ‘Degradation Trip’ volumes back in 2002.

                Good things come to those who wait and with ‘Brighten’, Cantrell certainly comes up with the goods. Naturally, ‘Brighten’ sounds near enough like Alice in Chains, but then again, how else would somebody expect it to sound when Cantrell is the brains behind that particular band. Yet, ‘Brighten’ never sounds like the listener is taking in Alice in Chains outtakes or leftovers that weren’t thought to be good enough for the band. This is Cantrell giving his Midas Touch to another set of excellent alternative rock songs. There is everything here that any fan of Alice in Chains or Cantrell would love, droning guitars, dual vocal harmonies and melancholic lyrics designed to hit right in the self-loathing. Furthermore, tracks such as ‘Prism of Doubt’, ‘Black Hearts and Evil Done’ and ‘Nobody Breaks You’ show that Cantrell has reached a certain maturity in his songwriting and is fully embracing his role as an elder statesman of rock.

                 With ‘Brighten’, Cantrell has really hits the nail on the head. This is an excellent piece of alternative rock which may at times be a little restrained for younger people to fully appreciate, but the maturity will speak ten-fold to those old-school grungers and alternative rock fans. Therefore, if this sounds like you, this is a must-buy album.

"an album of mature alternative rock delivered in style"

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