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The Local Show: November |Angelshade

Metal Digest in collaboration with Local Stage Worldwide, digs into local scenes and pulls out some gold.

We are setting the stage for bands worth your attention and we’re riding the waves of local scenes to bring you sounds that you need to check out now.

This month we are bringing you Angelshade.

Angelshade is a Southern California band of 6, collaborating to make music that
matters and that is thought-provoking.

Their music blends rock and acoustic melodies to create a unique sound. Their
lyrics are personal and inspired by their own lives and the issues that they see and
experience every day.

They take turns writing lyrics so that they are all invested in each song and its meaning…

Welcome to Metal Digest.

What is your musical background and how did this lead to you creating the band?

(David Marshall)

As far back as I can remember, music has been a part of my life. From my early memories of lullabies sung to me as a babe, listening to my folk’s old records and falling asleep in the back of their ’67 Mustang listening to AM radio and the sound of the highway on family trips, listening

to my first “heavy metal” compilation album by K-Tel on my Playskool turntable in ’74, listening to old 8-tracks, watching as the medium went from vinyl to 8-track to cassette to CD and ultimately online. I am amazed at the undying power of music to touch the soul. To quote

Hesiod, the old Greek poet of 750 BC “He is happy whom the Muses love. For though a man has sorrow and grief in his soul, yet when the servant of the Muses sings, at once he forgets his dark thoughts and remembers not his troubles. Such is the holy gift of the Muses to men.”

(Tedd Staub)

Being youth from the 80’s many bands became an overnight success back then. All the band members have had extensive exposure to music and musical instruments because schools back in the day understood the importance of music in our society. There is nothing more rewarding than creating quality music with “like-minded” individuals who have a sincere appreciation for the


(Marc (((THE CRUSHER))) DeJesus)

Drum styles range from Hard Rock, Metal, and Nu Metal, Thrash and Hard Core, and Death Metal. I listen to it all. Favorite drummer influences everything. Open to Jazz, Funk, and Country.

What aspect of your local scene do you most enjoy?

(David Marshall)

I enjoy the fact that all the local bands here in San Diego support one another. They go to our shows, and we go to theirs. In the past, there used to be more of a competitive vibe, but nowadays, we all realize the importance of live music. Especially after the “pandemic” ground the scene to a standstill.

(Tedd Staub)

Everyone knows everyone and always shows lateral support across all genres of the music scene. That type of camaraderie is rare.

(Marc (((THE CRUSHER))) DeJesus)

It’s a big deal because I am a fan of bands here in SAN DIEGO, CA

How have connections with other local bands or with the local the community helped to build your project?

(David Marshall)

As the lineup for Angelshade changed over time, we found great players from other groups we gigged with. It is great to have a supportive scene with talented musicians who love music. (Tedd Staub)

All local bands and venues support the music scene, and we always lean on one another for support, gigs, and sometimes cover for missing members from time to time. We always find time to support our local music.

What, in your eyes, makes your band unique?

(David Marshall)

Each member brings their likes, dislikes, and talent to the group. We have been musicians and music lovers for many years and as such bring that individual flavor to the group. I truly love when people say, “You don’t sound like anyone else…” or when they describe our sound as “timeless.”

(Tedd Staub) The band draws from numerous sources based on the background of each individual. The beauty is we know what we like and why we like it and as long as we are receptive to each band member’s input it will always create a unique sound.

(Marc (((THE CRUSHER))) DeJesus)

What drove me to join ANGELSHADE was our Vocalist DAVID MARSHALL and the unique guitar sounds.

How do you plan to take your music career beyond your local area?

(David Marshall)

Through global digital distribution and working closely with our label, Rock Avenue Records USA, we plan to branch out as far as our music can take us. Now that the world is starting to open back up, we would love to put together some festival shows or mini-tours of some sort. (Tedd Staub)

The band has decided to seek global distribution to share our unique sound with the world. Digital distribution is key to sharing our music internationally. We always strive for touring opportunities and would not hesitate to travel beyond our borders.

(Marc (((THE CRUSHER))) DeJesus)

I feel that the band is at that level of performing Big Festival Concerts.

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