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Michael Fulkerson – ‘The Death Of My Soul’

Independent Release
Mr. Bungle, Devin Townsend Project, Ministry
Release Date
September 9, 2021
Independent Release
Experimental Industrial Metal

If you’re looking for conformity then you’re in the wrong place with Michael Fulkerson’s ‘The Death Of My Soul’ album; so kick off your shoes, pop on some headphones, and get ready for something completely different.

The quality of the music on this album is fantastically epic in nature, akin to Devin Townsend Project, with its roots of metal equipped with an almost orchestral feel. His vocals are very unique, and he has opted for a mixture of plain speech and rapping which gives the album more of a story-like feel with its dark lyrics and unusual pace. There is no way of boxing this album into any particular genre and seems to have its roots in so many different places that this truly is a work of art that will have people bitterly divided, as art should.

The production of the album could be improved upon, and at times the vocals seem to overpower the tracks, but this album could be the right stepping stone for Michael to power through to his own unique metal genre.

Overall, the album speaks out to the talent and struggles of the artist, and for those who don’t want to live inside the box, a decent addition to your album collection. I look forward to seeing where he goes next.

As an album 'The Death Of My Soul' speaks out to the talent and struggles of the artist

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