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CroMagnum – ‘Born Free’ EP

Independent Release
Testament, Death Angel, Machine Head
Release Date
September 17, 2021
Independent Release
Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal

In the grand scheme of things, sometimes it is just not feasible to write and record a full-length studio, particularly during these uncertain times. Thankfully, there is always the EP and this year has CroMagnum setting forth for the first time since 2014’s debut EP and releasing ‘Born Free’.

                As an EP, ‘Born Free’ does exactly what it needs to do and that is to showcase exactly what CroMagnum are all about. ‘Born Free’ shows a band a band comfortably playing a blend of heavy and thrash metal that manages to give the Quebec band are real interesting edge as tracks such as ‘Tunguska’ and the title track slam the door down and announce what CroMagnum are capable of having all the appeal of the likes of Machine Head, Testament and even Death Angel with little technical flourishes from guitarist Max Rex.

However, there isn’t anything here which is new or that fans of this genre will not have heard before. Yet, that doesn’t always matter and with ‘Born Free’ prove that CroMagnum have what it takes to create a full-length studio album with ‘Born Free’ being a great stepping stone.

"CroMagnum showing they have what it takes to tackle a full length studio album"

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